Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview Tips for MCA Freshers

MCA Freshers need to prepare for technical rounds of interview very well in addition to the general ones as discussed in earlier Interview Tips for Graduates. Freshers need to put down the answers to the interviewer’s questions relating each of them to the subject and application part of the same to impress the employer.
Common Interview Questions for MCA Fresher
Common Interview Questions for MCA Fresher
The employer will be keen on your academic project work and will be very curious to know each and every part of it. Be confident, highlight the interviewer about the part of your work involved in the project and let him know that you are well aware of all the applications that is made use of in the project.
Briefly explain him about the application details of the same without explaining unwanted things. Scrutinize all the things that you need to convey it to the interviewer regarding project work well in advance at your home, that will definitely help you to present it in a better way.
Some of the other interview questions can be listed as below. Get prepared for the solutions that are precise and perfect to the point in short and present them to the interviewer.
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Weaknesses and Strengths
  • Working under pressure
  • Willingness to travel to any part of the world for the job sake.
  • Operating system and User interface details with more questions on these.
  • Your academic project application
  • Testing and creating reports on the same.
  • Team work abilities and Social Behavior
  • Why do you want to work for this organization and what do you know about this company is the common question asked by any employer.
  • Time management capabilities
  • Hassles working during weekends and late-nights. Tell him that you have no regrets to work any part of the day or even during holidays to complete the work.
  • Job position and your suitability
  • Goals and challenges at workplace
  • Last but not the least, your salary structure. Tell him your expected pay scale politely and make sure that you do not forget to tell him that it is always negotiable.
Be aware of all the new technologies that are introduced recently at workplaces and have a detailed knowledge about all these by reading various blogs and magazines. Keep on updating your software technical skills and communication to achieve higher. Aim high and get equipped mentally to achieve your goals.
Be enthusiastic to answer the questions, this will show your positive energy and attitude towards all your work, both personal and at office.
Express to the employer about punctuality, ethics, principles and their prominence in your life that would be related to even workplace experiences as well. Show your politeness and amenity in answering the questions as this will boost up the interviewer’s positive approach towards your personal character.
Consider these interview questions and get prepared for the answers very well and come out with flying colors to have the best career to grow individually and professionally.
Good luck!

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